About Frank J Casella

American. Photographer. Co-founder. Living in Chicagoland - USA. 

I produce and sell pictures of moments in time and human interaction, that share hope and God's love in the world, through my Catholic Faith. I've been an Freelance Photographer and Independent Artist since 1988.

I'm also co-founder of Chicago Catholic Men's Forum, and Executive Director of Catholic Men Chicago Southland. I believe when you foster a man in holiness, the positive adjustments he makes with his life can have an impact three generations deep.

I'm a product of Columbia College Chicago and, shortly after, my childhood dream became reality when I was assigned to photograph the ministry of the (Roman Catholic) Archbishop of Chicago - the late Joseph Cardinal Bernardin. 

My artwork style is inspired by Norman Rockwell. I'm privileged to be nurtured by John H. White - Pulitzer Prize photojournalist.

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“As a photographer, the big secret is entering into the charisma with the person you have in front of you. If you don't feel it, you'll never do it well.” 

, Vatican photographer

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